The CHICAGO KENDO DOJO (CKD) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1963. Originally named "Chicago Kendo Club," in 1964, the club established its current name with Yoshimitsu Nakamura as its head instructor. Over the years, CKD has had many notable sensei's who have graced the dojo with their wisdom and knowledge of kendo.

In 1972, Yoshimitsu Nakamura returned to Japan and Frank Matsumoto is named head instructor of CKD. He currently holds this position today.

In 1973, BTC (Buddhist Temple of Chicago) Junior Kendo Dojo was formed by Reverend Yukei Ashikaga, Naoji Yui, Stanley Kadoi and George Izui to teach younger students that were interested in kendo as a separate class from the adult classes at the time. This class started earlier and was shorter in time due to the evening restrictions that minors had during the week as the class was held on a Thursday night. The class was subsequently moved to the Friday night time slot that CKD currently has.

In 1974, the Midwest Kendo Federation is organized, and in July of 1975, CKD joins the All United States Kendo Federation upon the invitation of Torataro Nakabara, Hanshi 8-dan, and Gene T. Eto, Kyoshi 6-dan.

Throughout the years, the dojo has also hosted kendo events and tournaments both on the regional and national levels. This prestige has had kenshi from all around the globe to visit the dojo for practice from time to time. Our doors continue to remain open to those kenshi who are visiting the Chicago area to come and practice with us when they can.